Piocol-640  is a super performing, ultra fast , extremely reliable repair solution for many hard to handle situations in engineering & maintenance. Piocol 640 has a heat resistance upto 2350C.

Piocol-640 is an excellent chemical tool in the hands of maintenance and production engineers to rectify many unexpected conditions such as breakage, leakage, emergency rebuild, quick & rapid bonding between similar of dissimilar material within minutes etc. Reaction of Piocol-640 is so fast, that the repair can be completed reliably & professionally within five minutes with proper planning. Advantages and savings of this quick repair is very high,  especially  when they are able to reduce the machinery down time. Piocol-640 is mechanically very stable &  strong and can be machined within minutes of application. Piocol-640 is an ideal companion in the tool kit for many critical jobs.

Piocol-640 is easy to use and supplied in a disposable cartridge. Just dispense, mix and apply. Piocol-640 easily cures at room temperature without any pungent smell. In high pressure areas, external force may be applied for 5-6 minnutes, before Piocol-640 is fully hard.

Piocol-640 has excellent adhesion to smooth, rough or porous surfaces, most plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, wood, etc. Cures in 4 – 8 minutes to form a hard, durable, metallic, machinable material that can be tapped, drilled and threaded. Piocol-640 has high heat resistance upto  2350C makes it a very unique product and useful in very critical applications.

Applications include high temperature repairs, rebuilding, assembling, etc. Piocol-640 Rapid Metal is the ideal adhesive metal putty to have on hand, in any repair shop or laboratory.

  • Convenient 1:1 mixing
  • Just dispense, mix and trowel on
  • This machinable epoxy putty is easily applied without running, dripping or, sagging.
  • No need for molds, fixtures or, clamps.
  • Its sticky consistency will hold parts or, assemblies together while curing.
  • Has excellent adhesion to smooth, rough , porous surfaces, most plastics, metals, ceramics,, glass & wood.
  • Hardens in only 4-8 minutes to form a hard durable metallic material that is machinable with standard tools.
  • Can be tapped, drilled and threaded.

Piocol-640 Properties:

Maximum temperature:       235C
Viscosity (gm/cc) :                  40,000 cps
Density gm/cc:                          1.5
Shrinkage (%max):                0.3
Hardness (Shore D):              65
Elongation( %):                       3.0
Strength (psi):                         10,000
Thermal conductivity:         20BTU
Thermal Expansion:              3.4x 10(-5) /0C
Moisture resistance:              Good
Solvent resistance :                Good
Colour:                                         Silver
Cure time (1) 250C:                4-16 minutes
(2) 900C:                1-2 minutes