• PIOCOL-600,FIREBOND EPOXY is an advanced chemical technology with its unique formulation and process, which provide a fine metal putty which after curing in the room temperature provides extremely tough metallic surface with heat resistance up to 2600C. 
  • Piocol-600 is aluminum based metallic composite material with special heat resistant chemical components, to provide extremely versatile high performance industrial adhesive filler putty with excellent heat resistance and exceptional bonding even at very high temperature.
  • Piocol-600, is a two component special composite aluminum metal putty with excellent heat resistance up to 2600C.
  • Piocol-600, Offers excellent adhesion, corrosion and chemical resistance even at very high temperature.
  • P-600, Firebond Epoxy has very high thermal conductivity and extremely high bonding strength. P-600 Firebond epoxy has exceptional bonding strength even at elevated high temperature. P-600 Firebond Epoxy is the ideal adhesive for bonding different material, which demands extreme high bonding strength at very high temperature.


  • Piocol-600 Can be used in a vast range of application in engineering and industrial sector, which require extremely reliable state of the art products with exceptional performance and reliability.
  • Piocol-600 can be used for patching leaky pipes operating at high temperatures, repair leaking valves and fittings, repairing pumps, machinery and equipment and rebuilding worn shafts, housings and linings.
  • Piocol-600 can also be used for filling pin holes in castings as well as voids and gaps dents etc.in sheet metal jobs prior to powder coating.
  • Piocol-600 can be used for repairing the defects and damages of moulds & dies such as pin holes and other minor and major defects.
  • Piocol-600 is the best in its class in terms of bond strengths at high temperature. Piocol-600 maintains extremely high bond strength even at 2600C. No other product will ever reach the bond strength of Piocol-600 at such high temperature.


  • Piocol-600 Cures at Room Temp. to form a machinable composite!
  • Maintains High Bond Strength at High Temperatures!
  • Excellent Chemical Corrosion and Shock Resistance
  • Excellent bonding strength even at thin applications
  • Piocol-600 can be powder coated
  • Piocol-600 has excellent thermal conductivity
  • Piocol -600 can be sued as thermally conductive putty
  • Piocol-600 smooth putty cures at room temperature to form a highly machinable aluminium composite which operates upto 2600C.
  • Piocol-600 Contains No solvents, no pinhole formation and no complicated multistage cure cycles.
  • Piocol-600 Offers excellent adhesion, bonding, chemical resistance and is machinable like aluminum.
  • Piocol-600 is ideal for patching leaky pipes, valves and fittings, repairing pumps, machinery and equipment and rebuilding worn shafts, housings,linings,molds and dies, other metal castings to fill blow holes and pin holes etc.
  • Piocol-600 can be used for bonding brake pads to aluminum metal assemblies, and maintains very high bond strengths even at very high temperatures.
  • Piocol-600 finds ideal applications in production of laboratory equipment, motors, assemblies, instrumentation, automotive parts, machine fabrication, repairs and  etc.
  • Piocol-600 is recommended for any high temperature application requiring high bond strength even up to 260C service.
  • Piocol-600 is extremely versatile product which is a value for money and saves tens of thousands of rupees for the user in every crucial application.

Physical Properties :

Max. Use Temp. : 260C

Components : 2

Viscosity :30,000 cps

Hardness:80 Shore D

Tensile Strength:10,000 psi

Elongation:1.2 %

Shrinkage :0.1 % max

Moisture Absorption:0.2 % (30 days @ 50ºC)

Thermal Expansion: 4.1x 10 ⁻⁵/˚C

Thermal Conductivity: 35 BTU in/hr .⁰F Ft2.


Piocol-600 Firebond Epoxy is a highly effective product to solve many complicated and critical issues often associated with manufacturing and maintenance.  Please contact our technical team to discuss your problems and choose the right product which will solve your critical issues. Our technical department consists of experts in the engineering & maintenance fields with decades of experience who will be able to guide you in choosing a workable solution.