Pipe repair systems, Floor Epoxy systems, Heat resiatnt putty, powder coating putty

Our products and services are designed and catered to the following industries. We have many satisfied customers from the following sectors.

  1. Manufacturing firms
  2. Petrochemical industries
  3. Mining  companies
  4. Metal working industries
  5. Government institutions
  6. Power plants
  7. Nuclear plants
  8. Marine industry
  9. Aviation industry
  10. Municipalities
  11. Waste treatment plants
  12. Chemical industries
  13. Powder coating industries
  14. Hotels and Malls
  15. Defense engineering segment


  1. High Temperature Repair products
  2.  High temperature industrial coatings
  3. High performance specialty chemical resistant epoxy
  4.  Fuel saving technologies
  5.  Pipe repair systems and solutions
  6.  Compression packings & Gaskets
  7.  Advanced polymer epoxy systems
  8.  Welding alloys for impossible welding jobs
  9.  Super high performance lubricants
  10.  Solutions for powder coating industries
  11.  Solutions for metal casting industries
  12.  Advanced industrial adhesives
  13.  High temperature ceramic casting products
  14.  Anticorrosion coating systems
  15.  Exclusive high strength industrial cleaners
  16. Cold galvanizing chemicals








HIGH TEMP. METALLIC FILLER: A high temperature resistant metallic filler compound with excellent mechanical strength and durability. Piocol Fixup is applicable in oven curing coating systems such as powder coating. It can withstand up to 545C. Two different products one with temperature resistance up to 210 C and other one with temp resistance up to 545C.
STRTECHWELD: A state of the art pipe repair system with quick results. It has high mechanical strength and chemical & temperature resistance. A water activated composite repair system ideal for emergency repairs of pipe bursting and other rectification purposes. It provides a long lasting and permanent results in every situation.
PIOCOL HIGH TEMP:  is a high strength metal repair filler putty & repair compound, which withstands extreme temperature upto 545C. It can be used as a repair material for many industrial applications. It is machinable. It is further suitable for powder coating applications. It gives perfect finish after powder coating.
INDUSTRIAL FLOORINGS:  State of the art flooring products and systems which gives a long lasting, attractive, chemical and abrasive resistant floor for years of rigorous service. Advanced equipments, skill and high technology flooring products which include lithium based, Epoxy and ceramic oatings.