PIOCOL-620, 550C Temperature resistant epoxy filler putty:

Piocol-620 is an exceptional high heat resistance metallic aluminium putty capable of performing extremely well even at 550°C.
Piocol-620 is an aluminium based two part epoxy chemical formulation which is highly machinable,cures at room temperature to achieve mechanically strong, highly machinable aluminium metallic composite which offers a very unique solution to many specialized industrial and engineering jobs.

Piocol-620 is specially formulated with active aluminium to provide excellent resistance to corrosion, cavitation to most chemical and solvents.

Just mix to a smooth creamy paste and apply. Piocol-620 Cures in 24 hours at room temp. or in 2 hours at 1200C to form a highly machinable, aluminum based composite usable to 540ºC.

Piocol-620 is used for rebuilding, patching, turbines, repairing worn or eroded areas, pumps, housings, heat exchangers, etc. Ideal for any production, manufacturing industrial, automotive or equipment applications.

Physical Properties:

Max. Use Temp.: 540C
Components: 2
Viscosity : Paste
Density: 2.2gms / cc
Bond Strength:1400psi
Compressive strength:4,800psi
Thermal conductivity: 30BTU Inch/Hour F ft2
Thermal Expansion:10×10 (-6)/0F
Cure at RT: 24 Hours
At 1200C:2 hours