Piocol-610 is a two component extremely versatile metallic adhesive putty with heat resistance upto 2600C.  It has excellent bond strength and adhesion even at 2600C.

Piocol-610 is exceptionally unique in terms of its mechanical properties, bonding strength, tensile strength, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. It has very high bonding strength even at high temperature. Piocol-610 has non sag consistency, whereby it is ideal for vertical or, overhead applications. It will not drip or, run. It is smooth polymer putty which gives excellent surface finish after curing.

Piocol-610 has very large & diverse uses in engineering and manufacturing. Piocol-610, is an easy to use two component high strength epoxy repair, rebuild and filler compound, with fine metallic additives and special heat resistant polymer system. Piocol-610 has an exceptional polymer chemistry, which helps engineers and plant managers to solve many of their critical and complex repairing, rebuilding and filling jobs where the results need to be  hundred percent reliable.

Typical Applications:

  1. Repair, rebuild and patch industrial equipment.
  2. Sealing blowholes and porosity in castings.
  3. High strength, high temperature bonding.
  4. Leakage repair in pipes operating at high temperature.
  5. Repair minor & major surface defects in fine sheet metal fabrications.
  6. Repair damages in metal castings.
  7. Porosity filling in metal castings.
  8. Powder coating applications.
  9. Heat resistant metal putty up to 2600C

Piocol-610 has extremely good thermal conductivity. It enables many components bonded and repaired with Piocol-610 to transfer heat and cool down by itself.

Piocol-610 comes in a pack of 500gm, which contains 5 premeasured kits (Part-A & part-B).  Each kit is for one time application.

Important points: 

  • Never part mix. Mix the entire content of Part-B with part-A.
  • Always add part-B to part-A.
  • Mild warming of Part-A prior to mixing with Part-B, will make the mixing more complete and easier.
  • It is highly advisable to shot blast the area where the putty needs to be applied if possible, or roughen the surface in order to achieve maximum bonding surface area and bonding strength.
  • Clean the surface with Piosolv after removing any contaminants or, rust by mechanical means.
  • Piocol-610 requires 24 hours curing at room temperature followed by heat curing at 1400C for one hour.

Application Procedure:

  1. Take one can of part-A and one Part-B.
  2. Empty the entire contents of Part-B to Part-A plastic can.
  3. Mix the entire contents for a few minutes till it becomes a homogeneous mixture. Warming of Part-A a little bit will make mixing easier & complete.
  4. Apply the mixed putty directly to the area which is cleaned and degreased with recommended surface conditioner.
  5. In case of filling voids and gaps, apply Piocol-610 in the area and leave it for curing. Curing takes 24 hours at Room temperature. After that you can do the finishing by either machining or, sanding procedure.
  6. After 24 hours of normal curing, post cure the part by heating upto 1400C for one hour, which will enhance the properties of Piocol-610.
  7. Now it is a machinable heat resistant, extremely strong part which has been repaired with Piocol-610, and can be put back to service.

Heat curing of Piocol-610 applied sections, will improve the strength and performance of Piocol-610, even though not necessary in many cases.

If you have any specific conditions in which Piocol-610 needs to be used for solving any specific issue, please contact our technical team to get proper guidance.  Call :022-28710312  Or, Mob: 9967676534