PIOCOL-100-heat resistant putty-powdercoating putty

Piocol-100  is a ready-to-use , aluminum filled metallic repair putty. Piocol-100  a non sag metallic paste , hardens into metal form. It bonds to metallic and non metallic surfaces . Piocol-100  metallic repair putty can be applied directly from the can.

Piocol-100 is a mechanically strong , durable easy to finish metal repair putty, which can be applied easily without any complication. No mixing of two parts, no measuring or heat required. Piocol-100 can be milled, drilled, tapped, ground and sanded smooth. Will not shrink or crack . It withstands heat to 2200C. Piocol-100  is applied in many industrial application such as filling gaps and dents, weld marks and cavities. It has high compressive strength  and is machinable. It can be painted over by liquid or, powdercoating and other oven curing coating systems.


  • Withstands heat to 2200C temperature.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Excellent weather and abrasion resistance.
  • Ready-to-use formulation; no mixing or measuring or heat required.
  • May be thinned for brush and spray applications.
  • Will not shrink, chip, crack or peel and may be sanded to a feather edge.

Industrial Applications: Piocol-100 is a very high quality and reliable metal repair putty with heat resistance 2200C. It is easy to use and machinable. It is mechanically strong and resistant to chemicals, water and marine environment. It has large number of application in industry such as

  • Filling gaps weld marks before powder coating.
  • High quality metal putty to fill gaps in sheet metal works.
  • Filling blowholes in metal castings to rectify the defects in casting
  • With Piocol-100 , you can achieve good aesthetic metal surface , which can be powder coated or, liquid painted to get exceptionally good looking surfaces.

Surface Preparation: As is it is essential for any kind of putty application, proper and thorough surface preparation is very much essential for Piocol-100. It is necessary to remove any loose particles, paint, rust etc from the surface by mechanical or, chemical methods , in order to reach the original substrate. Further a bit of roughening of the surface with a sand paper will improve the adhesion. Clean and wipe the surface with Piosolv. This will completely clean  and degrease the surface making it suitable for the metallic putty application.

Application: Piocol-100 can be applied applied directly from the can after initial mixing of the putty inside the can itself for 3-5 minutes. Once mixing is over, Piocol-100 metal putty can be applied to the repair area, which has already been cleaned as mentioned above with the putty knife or, spatula. Putty will cure itself within 2-3 hours depending on the thickness of application.

Drying Time: The thickness of the application determines drying time. Under normal conditions, 1.5 mm thickness will harden in one to two hours; 3mm thick application will harden in four to six hours;

Storage: Store in dry place at room temperature. For extended storage, add a 5-10ml of Pio-Solv to the unused PioCol Fixup and cover tightly after use.


  • Reduces costly rejects in foundry production. Fill aluminum casting porosity spots with Piocol-100.
  • Patch dents and rough spots on metal castings (aluminum & iron) with Piocol-100.
  • Fill blow holes, sand holes and metal surface defects with Piocol-100. Repair or alter wood and metal patterns with Piocol-100.
  • Thin Piocol-100 with Piosolv and brush or spray onto patterns to prevent warping.
  • Brush or spray Piocol-100 onto castings for a smooth, metallic finish prior to painting.
  • Piocol-100 is used to fill seams or dents prior to powder coating.
  • Piocol-100 can be applied on wood patterns for higher abrasion resistance.

Some of the applications in which Piocol-100  can be successfully used, is listed below.

Industrial Applications:

  • Piocol-100 fills metal doors, windows, frames and other metal surface defects.
  • Repair metal roofs and all kinds of piping with Piocol-100.
  • Repair worn or damaged equipment and machinery with Piocol-100
  • Repair metal furniture with Piocol-100
  • Patch industrial ovens with Piocol-100.
  • Patch ducts and vents with Piocol-100.
  • Fill holes in metal fabrications and metal door seams with Piocol-100 to achieve seamless joints.
  • Patch automotive, heavy equipment and machinery fuel tanks with Piocol-100.
  • Repair cracked auto/truck/contractor machinery engine blocks with Piocol-100.
  • Fill damaged and pitted turbines in power generation plants with Piocol-100.
  • Fill pump housings and metal surface defects with Piocol-100
  • Patch low-pressure steam lines with Piocol-100.
  • Seal leaking radiators and heaters with Piocol-100.
  • Repair leaking pipes, water and fuel tanks with Piocol-100.
  • Repair damaged flanges with Piocol-100 prior to installation of new gasketing.
  • Use Piocol-100 as a rustproof, water-resistant protective coating on water or fuel storage tanks.
  • Piocol-100 withstands temperatures as high as 2200C.
  • Use Piocol-100 to fill dents in metal parts to be powder coated.
  • Repair damaged parts or build up worn parts with Piocol-100 before painting or powder coating.
  • Repair metal roofs with Piocol-100.
  • Piocol-100 cosmetically repairs damaged metal where welding is not feasible.
  • Piocol-100 seals porosity in welds.