Zinc rich, cold galvanising compound, cold galvanising spray, zinc rich primer

Galvakot is a bright cold galvanizing spray . Galvakot is a quick drying high solids , Zinc rich , cold galvanizing coating that provides superior protection to steel and ferrous metals against harsh corrosive environments. Galvakot’s premium epoxy based high zinc content coating fuses to metal substrates creating a super strong bond to protect against corrosion.

The highly active pure zinc particles fight against rust and corrosion creepage with a flexible galvanic self healing film of pure zinc.

It provides protection equal to hot dipped galvanizing. It is highly resistant to salt corrosion and water, does not sag and may be top coated with conventional primers and finishes such as epoxy, urethanes, acrylics, chlorinated rubber.

Avoid using lacquers and alkyds.

Corrosion protection of steel buildings , roofs, doors, fences, guard rails, road signs, gutters, ridges, farm equipment, marine equipment , highway maintenance and many other industrial , marine and automotive uses.

Typical Physical Characteristics:
Melting Point of Film, /F > 700
Flash Point of Film, /F > 500
Median Particle Size, microns 4.5
Binder Epoxy Resin
Dry Time, touch 5 min
Dry Time, cure 12 hr
Temperature Range, /F continuous use 350 – 400
Temperature Range, /F intermittent use 600
USDA Authorization K1
ODC Content, Wt % None
Color Bright Silver

DOD-P 21035A , MIL-P 46105 -ASTM-A 780-80

* Passes 2000+ hours in 5% Salt Spray Booth ASTM D-1748
* Galvanically inhibits rust & rust creepage
* Easy to apply – Fast Dry

Shake can for at least one minute before spraying. Can temperature should be 65/F or warmer. (WARNING: Never use direct heat to warm aerosol cans! Only warm water should be used!)Apply GALVAKOT to a clean and dry surface. Remove loose rust and scale before applying. Wait 5 minutes before applying a second coat.