Rapid Bond Metal

Piocol-640 Rapid bond metal is a metal filled, super fast setting, machinable, repair epoxy. It is easy to use, just dispense, mix and trowel on. 7056AL easily cures at room temperature without any objectionable odors or “sticky fingers” that are common to most fast setting materials.
Has excellent adhesion to smooth, rough or porous surfaces, most plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, wood, etc. Cures in 4 – 8 minutes to form a hard, durable, metallic, machinable material that can be tapped, drilled, threaded, etc.
Applications include high temperature repairs, rebuilding, assembling, etc. Makes critical repairs to machinery and precision parts.Piocol-640 RapidMetal is the ideal putty to have on hand in any shop or laboratory.
Piocol 640 is filled with activated aluminum metal to form a super fast setting a machinable repair epoxy.
Cures at room temperature and unlike other fast setting epoxies, Piocol-640 has no objectionable or, sulfur odors.

  • Convenient 1:1 mixing
  • Just dispense, mix and trowel on
  • This machinable epoxy putty is easily applied without running, dripping or, sagging.
  • No need for molds, fixtures or, clamps.
  • Its sticky consistency will hold parts or, assemblies together while curing.
  • Has excellent adhesion to smooth, rough , porous surfaces, most plastics, metals, ceramics,, glass & wood.
  • Hardens in only 4-8 minutes to form a hard durable metallic material that is machinable with standard tools.
  • Can be tapped, drilled and threaded.

Ideal for high temperature repairs and rebuilding, assembling etc. Rebuilds surfaces and even fills gaps or, voids. Makes critical repairs to machinery and precision parts.
Users report Piocol-640 is a unique fast setting, machinable epoxy. Makes repairs a breeze without the odor of the 5 minute epoxy or, the sticky fingers obtained when working with cyanoacrylates.


Maximum temperature: 235C
Viscosity (gm/cc) : 40,000 cps
Density gm/cc: 1.5
Shrinkage (%max): 0.3
Hardness (Shore D):65
Elongation( %): 3.0
Strength (psi):10,000
Thermal conductivity:20 BTU
Thermal Expansion:3.4x 10 (-5) /0C
Moisture resistance:Good
Solvent resistanceGood
Colour: Silver
Cure time

(1) 250C: 4-16 minutes
(2) 900C:1-2 minutes